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So juicy & tasty, 100% natural soluble e stable, ready to use.

NatProFile® is a method adapted and adopted by Capua 1880 over years of in-house research, and probably one of the most innovative methods recently developed in its laboratories.

NatProFile® allows cold extraction of all volatile components of bergamot, lemon, mandarin and orange juices.

Thus obtained, the extracts are highly performing and extremely powerful, as their concentration of aromatic elements is as much as 150 times higher than in any common fresh juices.

As a result, theNatProFile® extracts are enormously successful with perfumers and flavorist, who use them to recreate perfect analogies to aromas from fresh juices.

Besides, fresh juices producers also add those extract to their products as an ‘add-back’: this allows them to regain some of the freshness that normally gets lost in the process of concentration.

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